Help me raise money for Bipolar UK


Gung-Ho! for Bipolar UK!

Help us raise money for Bipolar UK and Mind…I stand alone, nothing to gain, but together we stand as a force.. mental health stigma needs to stop, it starts with YOU, stop waiting for someone else to step in….

So.. why are we doing this,

Myself & Jade, have been best friends for over 10 years, both battling the stigma of Mental Health, I, myself suffer from Bipolar.

We are doing a 5K run, where we aim to raise money & awareness in our society for those who suffer.. I have been lucky enough to have a supported network, some are not so lucky.. and others are not with us any longer and are no longer here to fight.. lets beat this stigma and make it, not just ok, but make it the norm, to speak out.

With the money we raise we are hoping to have a bipolar class/group within the Norfolk area for a place for people to speak or talk about their mood swings ect.

How to donate

Text 70070 and type “HYPE99 £5” to 70070, you can put less or more just change the amount. 

or feel free to visit my just giving page, the link is:

Anything will be greatly blessed.

Warm Blessings

Sam & Jade 🙂


Helpful Idea for the week…

I use something called “cue cards” this helps me greatly, I show you an example, this is what you need;

  1. A person (fictional or Non-fictional) who you look up to.
  2. A printer
  3. Make a table on word, with a picture in the corner and some quotes, with it make it your own.
  4.  Some nice card to stick to after you cut it out.

I use all sort of cue cards to help me through tough times and you sometimes can let your thoughts get the better to you, but these help me. take a look…

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 00.44.45

This is just an idea, but the list above is short but they are the things to help me, please see my other post for mood charts and a mood scale, to help with early warning signs


Warm Blessings


Samual J

Helpful Tips For Bipolar

There’s always a way that bipolar sneaks back into our lives even when we are doing well., Bipolar have a strange way of making itself known. I find that when I am enjoying myself and having fun, or if I am in bed, or with my lover, or best friends, or family, It can come anytime and for no reason,. yes, they say don’t drink, have enough sleep, take your medic doation, but I all that and still manage to have bipolar mad moments.


So here is a list of what helps me, you may find some useful,

  1. Listening to music really helps me all the time.
  2. Dosages of LP (Shot term)
  3. Going for a walk to think of my thoughts. You really need to start on this…
  4. Play your PC games. (this is distraction, good when your low, not high)
  5. Read books
  6. Do your writing (this really helps).
  7. Talk to someone about how you feel, I have a good network it helps.
  8. I am going to upload a Mood chart, with it my scale of a mania and depression states, I advise you to make one or use mine if you would like and use the mood chart I use as it helps keep an eye on your mood.
  9. Finally, the last thing is to just accept the fact you have a mental disorder, but it does not define you, it just makes you a different kind of person.

Bipolar Mood Chart Bipolar_UK_Mood_Scale


Please feel free to download them and use them.

Warm Blessings


Samual J

Mental Health

Well, let’s start off with Mental Health, did you know 1 in 4 will suffer from a Mental Health problem in their life time, this means you are that 1 in 4 or will know someone close to you experiencing it.

Mental Health has been a battle that I am still fighting, but fight I will as long as I have the strength within me. Its ok to speak out, and ask for help. I used to be afraid too, but speaking out will help. Mental Health is a major killer, so when I write, my creative writing or my blogs, I am aiming at anyone who might be that 1 in 4, but it’s here to help others if need be. 

I don’t mind how you use my site, as long as its productive and useful for both parties involved. Let this site be your guide to some hard and difficult emotions to explain to someone who can’t see the damage the illness does to one’s self.

I have suffered with Bipolar for over 10 years, and yes I am still learning, but I am not alone, nor are you.

If you need further support contact a MIND or speak out to someone who you need to talk to without feeling you will be judged or looked at different because your not!

Warm Blessings.

Samual J

Run & Lie

In this world, it’s sometimes better to be lied to, than the truth,

When I am flying high, the truth to me is a total lie,

It makes no difference if I was to live in the world that is full of truth

When I am manic and free, I am advised by people

I should take medication and they become all forgetful,

When I manic I see more clearly,

Yes the people who love me, just want to break down and cry,

But when I am flying high, I can see through the bare ground lie.


All I want to do is run,

Just keep running,

Not from the truth, nor the lies,

But from the people who stage is so,

However I know if I run,

I will back to square one,

Fighting for my sanity instead of getting back to reality.


I want to run with a gun by my side,

To shoot away all the lies,

That all these guys tell me,

I need someone here to wipe away the tears,

To show that side to me,

Without no judgment,

Just love and acceptance.


I looked into my future,

This is after I have run,

I look into the mirror,

It says, “hello Mr lonely one”,

As lying to people is a safe way of gaining people’s trust,

The truth is much harder to accept,

It feels like a tornado swept,

Not on land, or on a man-made sand,

But deeply hidden in my mind,

It takes a real lie to find a broken man.

Dont Quit…


I sometimes wonder where I would be if I didn’t have that voice inside me,

Telling me I should give up, I’m not worth it, I’m ugly, stupid & fat,

That voice inside me screaming at me, making me feel I have to see the local quack.


The screams get louder and louder, while I become weaker & weaker,

However, what that voice don’t know, is I get more eager,

Eager to win the battle between myself & my madness,

My friends bring me joy & my family brings kindness,

These are the very things that the voice can’t bear and this is why I am so lucky to have friends and family, who love me and care.


When the world is shouting at you, give up,

It’s like a turning lock, it wants you to feel as to what the voice makes me feel,

Powerless, faceless, speechless, unimportant and indecent,

The world is full of stigma, with it they bear the sign of hate,

I feel I have to pass the ethical & a narrow-minded gate,

In order to achieve in this damned, judgmental world,

These people do not know they have sold their soul to hate things they do not understand.


But wait, there’s guidance, a whisper among the herd of negativity,

I can hear my voice coming back, giving me my sanity,

It brings warm joy, hugs, and acceptance,

Something that people cannot or wish to understand,

I will carry on running to my goals, even if I run myself into the ground,

I will not quit, the voice and the stigma in this world are just waiting for me to drop, but they are giving me a reason,

For myself to enjoy life in every season,

Whether it’s Winter, Summer, Autumn or pretty spring,

I look out of my window and see beauty as I see the birds open their beaks and they sing.


I thank this world for keeping me going,

For not letting me quit my future showings,

Where I will find love,

Where I will find my dove bearing its heart to me,

Where I can finally be free,

Free to change the world with words & actions,

Where I will not be sanctioned.


So what am I trying to say, is never quit,

Don’t feel you have to run up that hill alone,

Don’t feel you have to suffer in pain,

Don’t feel you have nothing to gain from speaking out,

Don’t feel you can’t shout out to the world,

Don’t feel you have to cry behind closed doors,


Don’t feel that you are a lost cause,

Don’t feel you can’t live like this anymore,

Don’t pretend this feeling your going through is not sore,

Don’t feel you have to lie,

Don’t feel you need a reason to cry, just cry,

Don’t feel you have to quit, you are strong, you are a sleeping warrior,

Once you see that your mental health and your voice inside you is your armour,

Nothing will stop you.


Be strong, I am with you, going through the same thing too.


Death is so inviting,

It calls to me, even in my sleep,

I awake in the early hours of dawn,

Death whispers in my ear,

It tricks me, the old face has new names.


I fight with all my will to fight off the demon I call death,

Death whispers in my ear, come you will be safer with me,

It plays me like a game, he wants to take me the burning flames of hell.

I must reclaim my strength and soul, as death cannot take my life as it’s already tried, however, this does not stop death for coming for me, even when he has lost too many times.


I feel I know death; somehow we have met before,

He declares himself to be my friend,

I have been at heaven’s gates before; too many that I would like to recall,

People can not compare the strength that death holds, and how death lies to gain people lives.


I and death are friends from so many times he has nearly taken me,

I am closer to death than I am to my mare mortals,

However all friendships but come to an end,

This is where death and I will be forever friends,

For when my life is no longer,

I am defeated and no longer a fighting soldier.