Death brought us closer.

Death brings us closer #25


The only connection I truly had with this young man was the darkness that beholds us both,

He could speak with such talent and such words, you would think it was a bible oath,

This young, charming and daring man was a fighter,

However, all fights but come to an end,

In his case, it was the end, however, I will remember this, and I will defend,

Defend the cause and the suffering that the darkness brings to us,

Life is hard, choices are harder, but one losing the fight, it just plain rough.


There are people that do not understand what this darkness can do,

If you need a name for this thing that destroy’s lives and takes them,



Bipolar is what makes me keep on fighting, but it’s scary,

Bipolar is harder than living in this world,

Every day gets harder and harder,

When you finish your day, and you think it’s almost over,

Bipolar will remind you, it’s not, it attacks us like a ball of fire.


My friend, who was connected through our darkness,

We feared we would never get understanding, nor any justice,

The pain, the swings, the highs, the lows, the voices, the pills,

These are the very things that make bipolar,

The pills are the very we use to kill,

Kill ourselves, to stop the pain,

To stop feeling ashamed,

As people sit there and judge us,

Myself and my dead friend were looking, as we were lost.


The truth is harsh, bipolar takes souls,

It wages war between ourselves,

It takes out our burning flame,

It makes us lose our game,

It brings us to our knees in complete shame,

It makes us deaf to pain,

When my dead friend, was calling out his name,

There was no one, to help nor stop him,

Now our friend has become, the very thing we fear,

He has become our cause to fight,

With all of our might, to achieve what I and my friend had in our sight,

Understanding, no judgement, no caring, kindles and most importantly,

People doing us right, so feel we can speak and start to feel alright.


Death has brought us closer, but we are so far apart

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