I am really struggling with the thought of something that has broken my eyes this morning.


My friend, who I spoke with 3 days ago, suffered with Bipolar too. When he first got diagnosed he asked me for help and advice, I spoke to him as I was raising money for a Bipolar Run I am doing in order to raise awareness, this morning I found out he is dead.


I feel so-what to blame as he never has done this, and he his dead after talking about bipolar with me and have just came out of a mood swing. I feel broken by this thought…

2 thoughts on “Blame?

  1. So sorry to hear about your friend 😦 please… don’t blame yourself… sometimes the easiest thing to do is blame ourself…
    remember bipolar is a liar…. he’s probably had many demons to contend with as it is with bipolar disorder… stay strong it’s not your fault…


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