Still I Raise..

Made this, has I am feeling low…


When things are getting me down, and I feel I have nowhere to turn,

When my loved ones around me feel so concerned,

When I am high and I feel I have money to burn,

I still raise from the depths of madness.


When I feel I have no more to give to this life,

When I hurt myself, with the cutting edge of a knife,

When I feel I have outlived this world,

When I feel I need to part my ways and leave with the reaper,

I hear a voice say to me, “all together”

We raise.


When I feel that nobody can help me,

When it’s so complicated that the no-one wants to help me,

All I see is regret on people’s faces,

While they wave me goodbye and say “best wishes”

I raise.



When I feel I do not have the strength inside me anymore,

I will show the world I am still here, and I will walk outside my front door,

When people will look at me and think, “I thought Sam lost his mind”

I shall make them remember, I, Sam, am I one of a kind,

The reason for this is because I still raise.


When I have the feel for broken trust and feeling betrayed,

I will not rely on anyone because no-one will come to my aid,

When I have tears from my eyes, and fears from my mind,

Again, I will raise.


When people think I have given up on trying to find a cure,

I can honestly say, I am damned sure,

I have tried everything and still have not given up, why you ask?

It’s because I still raise.


I will not allow my illness to take over me and punish me,

I know what I must do, unlock my dreams with my key,

To fight another day, without holding onto any shame,

As I will always raise, even when the world whisper in my ear,

Give up, nothing has worked, you might as well leave with death,

So what I do is a take a step back and take a deep breath,

Then I raise to all my doubters,

I am strong and will carry on being strong, all day long.


Remember, when I am long gone from this world,

I can say I leave with my head held high,

I am ready to meet my angels in the sky,

Feel from lies, and from hate,

I shall walk through the gate of heavens,

Free I will be,

Strong I am,

I will always raise,

Even when I die.

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