Death Part II

The reaper has come to pay me another visit,

I thought it was the last time we will see each other again for a long time as I thought I was feeling fine.

But I was a fool to think this, I asked him what crime have I committed?

Death laughs at me, he asks me, why do you think you have done something wrong to see me,

I paused and thought he was playing a game,

He likes doing this, as it causes me pain, and it makes me go insane.

Death, why have you come, I shouted,

With a smile on his face, he declares he wants me to take me,

It was like the last time, he said I would be safer with him,

I went stone cold with tears running down my face,

Not because death is waiting for me,

But because he is wanting my friendship more than mortals do,

How is this even possible?

How is it that death wants to be friends with me,

If I was honest, I don’t find his offer distasteful,

At least he is honest.

Death asks me if he wants me to take me,

Take my tears, my soul, my illness, my life,

He hands me a hunting knife, he tells me, there are many people out there wanting to put this in your back, I am offering you truth & power, the power to choose who put a knife in your back rather than a lying snake,

I said I don’t want to do any of this, he then asked,

Did I hear your cries out of a mistake?

He made me speechless, and again powerless,

I could not lie to him, he was right; I did call out for him,

But now the reaper is in my presence, asking, but not taking.

Do I listen to death?

Do I want him to take my last breath?

I feel this is the right time for the reaper to see me,

Therefore, death says he will be waiting for me,

Like death said, everyone has a time,

They do not need to commit any crime,

I will always be on time for when its their time to leave this mad world,

Sam, your madness, your soul, your life is worth much more to me while your live,

I asked death why? What does it mean for him if I live,

He says with a deep and forceful voice,

Unlike when I have to take people for reason out of their control,

You have the gift, of voice of choice, to join me willing ,

So you can become my friend,

This is the first time I looked at death with pity,

Aint it funny, death asking me to be his friend,

I smiled and said, we will be one day,

But you have given me strength,

You have said I have the voice of choice,

I choose to stay, but thank you for coming when you heard my cries,

Thank you for not giving me lies,

Thank you for making my sky blue again,

I now look at death as my friend.

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