Help me raise money for Bipolar UK


Gung-Ho! for Bipolar UK!

Help us raise money for Bipolar UK and Mind…I stand alone, nothing to gain, but together we stand as a force.. mental health stigma needs to stop, it starts with YOU, stop waiting for someone else to step in….

So.. why are we doing this,

Myself & Jade, have been best friends for over 10 years, both battling the stigma of Mental Health, I, myself suffer from Bipolar.

We are doing a 5K run, where we aim to raise money & awareness in our society for those who suffer.. I have been lucky enough to have a supported network, some are not so lucky.. and others are not with us any longer and are no longer here to fight.. lets beat this stigma and make it, not just ok, but make it the norm, to speak out.

With the money we raise we are hoping to have a bipolar class/group within the Norfolk area for a place for people to speak or talk about their mood swings ect.

How to donate

Text 70070 and type “HYPE99 £5” to 70070, you can put less or more just change the amount. 

or feel free to visit my just giving page, the link is:

Anything will be greatly blessed.

Warm Blessings

Sam & Jade 🙂


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